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Welcome to the IERC

A Centre of International Excellence in Integrated Energy Systems Research

The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) is an industry-led collaborative research centre in the field of integrated sustainable energy systems, and is jointly funded by the Irish government and industry members. It is one of the largest funded technology centres in Ireland, with a portfolio of approximately €5m worth of investment already underway.

The IERC delivers world leading collaborative research to meet global societal needs for secure, affordable and sustainable energy services. It enables partners to develop new products and services that will ensure real energy demand reductions across society. The centre provides an energy research environment that combines business innovation with research excellence for energy demand side efficiency and systems integration challenges.

Industry Collaborative Research
The IERC works with industry partners to build market focused collaborative research projects serving markets of scale.

Research Excellence
The IERC is focused is on commercial and residential energy demand and local generation. Areas of interest include the prediction, influence, management, delivery, control and measurement of energy use.

The IERC engages in and funds collaborative, industry-led projects that reflect the needs of the market for today and tomorrow.

Economic Impact Case Studies
The IERC considers the economic impact of energy research in two ways – Economic Impact to the consumer and – the wider society.

Memberships & Benefits
Market focused, industry collaborative research in sustainable energy systems.

Our Centre Our Partners


A Centre of International Excellence in Integrated Energy Systems Research

Our Mission

To conduct research in energy efficiency and low carbon energy delivery

To deliver technology and business innovations through deep collaborative partnerships

Strategic Impact

Supporting national policy objectives for energy efficiency and low carbon energy services

Commercial Impact

Collaborative partnerships with industry to develop new IP and commercial offerings

Research Excellence

Publishing peer-reviewed output in journals, conferences and other dissemination

Capacity Build

Strengthening the energy research base, and developing new skills and capabilities in Ireland

Sustainable Growth

building a portfolio of national and international competitive income and contract research


Our Competencies

The IERC focuses our research in four main areas of competence

Software &
Systems Integration

The Sierra Group is the IERC software development team, whose primary aim is to deliver intuitive transparent software applications that contribute to the digitalisation of the energy sector, and promote the use of software in efficient management of energy processes.

Additionally, Sierra aims to contribute to strategic energy research and the role software and systems can play in their development and operation.

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Building Services &
Energy Performance

The Building Performance and Services Group (BPS) focuses on the integration and development of innovative design methods and technologies to achieve living environments that take into account occupant comfort.

In addition to promoting sustainable use of resources such as heating and cooling energy, ventilation, daylighting and electricity.

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Embedded Distribution &
Generation Systems

The EDGE group of IERC is leading one of the core thematic research areas called "Embedded and Distributed Generation systems".

The team research spotlights on innovative integration of intelligent and sustainable electrical energy systems in smart grid network with special focus on renewable energy technology (RET) and energy storage system (ESS) integration, grid stability and power quality, microgrids and virtual power plant, local energy communities and networks to decarbonize the grid.

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Business &
Policy Innovation

This Unit focuses on developing new innovative business models as well as regulatory and policy options for the low carbon energy economy. We take a cross-sectoral interdisciplinary approach to research, develop and recommend policy options.

We develop sector-specific strategies and business models for a citizen-centric energy market. We are also responsible for developing opportunities for international collaborations for the low carbon energy world.

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