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Our research is focused on demand side energy efficiency and embedded energy generation. The IERC is a key element of the Governments Energy Research Strategy, which claims to develop world class and world scale energy research capability. The IERC comprises a core multi-disciplinary team of engineers and scientists with specialist expertise in areas including; energy systems, building energy management, technoeconomic modelling and electrical systems engineering. The IERC can also fund relevant research expertise from elsewhere within the Irish ecosystem to deliver on collaborative research projects as required. This allows significant flexibility in responding to industry research needs.

The IERC performs due diligence during project definition stage to ensure that the research will advance and challenge the current state of the art and provide a return on investment to all partners. All collaborative proposals are subjected to confidential external peer technical and commercial review. The IERC External Advisory Group consists of world leading experts from across the global Energy Sector who provides strategic oversight on our research themes and support on international benchmarking of research activities.

We are developing our portfolio of research projects in the following priority areas: The knowledge gaps are examined through five different research lenses:

  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Behaviour
  • Business Models
  • Policy & Regulation

This provides translations between industry need and academic researcher capability, as well as providing continual testing of research assumptions and relevance of the expected outcomes.