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Embedded and Distributed Generation systems (EDGE) Group

Low and zero carbon distributed generation technologies can often be deployed at the community or building level, local to the point of use. These can be isolated or often be connected to the low/medium voltage electrical distribution network via power electronics converters. Based on the capacity and integration techniques they can be proposed in many forms such as microgeneration (µGen), grid connected AC/DC microgrids (µGrids), community grid/µGrid (C-Grid/µGird) and virtual power plant (VPP).

However, due to the uncontrollable nature of variable renewables and the bi-directional power flow in the distribution network, high penetration of clean energy depends on the intelligent and efficient energy management and control at every level starting from the end user up to the distribution network operator. These are then introduce significant challenges for national electricity supply systems, while bringing significant opportunities to the end users.

Introducing energy storage systems, intelligent energy systems integration and demand side management techniques are also playing important role on the overall network stability and power quality improvement. The overall goal of the research team is to optimise the integration of renewables in an existing distribution grid and manage clean energy to achieve decarbonized (renewable energy) RE-distribution network with operational flexibility.

Topics in this theme include:

  • Micro-generation/Micro-CHP/Micro-grid/VPP systems
  • Distributed Energy Storage
  • Intelligent Energy Systems and Integration
  • Power Electronics Converter, Filter and Stabiliser
  • Demand Side Management
  • Grid Stability and Power Quality

Shafi K Khadem

Senior Researcher

T: +353-21-2346694
E: shafi (dot) khadem (at) ierc (dot) ie

Brian O Regan

Dr. Shafi Khadem joined the IERC in October 2014 as a Researcher and in March 2016 was promoted to the role of Senior Researcher where he leads the research in the thematic area of embedded and distributed generation systems. In his current position at IERC, he is involved in conceptualizing, scoping and developing research proposals for collaborative research projects between industries (members of the IERC) and academia and in parallel preparing and submitting research proposals for the European research framework H2020 both as a coordinator and research partner.

Currently he is coordinating a collaborative research project on community microgrid. Before joining the IERC Shafi was an IRCSET post-doctoral research fellow and jointly worked with Trinity College Dublin (IE) and Integrated Environmental Solutions (UK) on smart energy management systems for buildings, especially on energy efficient harmonic load and renewable energy systems modelling with power quality analysis for virtual environment platform.

Tel: +353-21-2346944
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Brian O Regan

Senior Software / Systems Research Engineer

T: +353-21-234-6944

Brian O Regan

Brian joined the team in July 2016, and has a MEngSc in Architecture, Engineering and Construction and a BSc in Computer Science, both from University College Cork.

Brian is the team lead of the Software for Innovative Energy Research Application (SIERRA) group, which is responsible for delivering high-quality, well-tested, documented software and contribution to energy research projects.

Previously, he spent over a decade in Technical Services / Facilities Management in the healthcare industry.

His interests are in the area of Software Development, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Blockchain, AI and Data Analystics.

Tel: +353-21-2346944
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Eoin O Leidhin

Data Analysis Research Assistant

T: +353-21-234-6944

Eoin O Leidhin

Eoin joined the team in December 2017, and has a Masters in Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering both from University of Limerick.

He previously worked with a heating distribution company, sizing and designing underfloor, wall and ceiling heating systems.

Eoin also worked for many years designing and developing website and software applications, including developing paperless form systems for energy audits and installations.

He has also previously worked as a Logistics Manager in the Educational Sector where he oversaw energy improvements and developing a long-term sustainability plan for the college.

Eoin’s role is to assist on various IERC projects with a particular focus on building energy analysis.

Tel: +353-21-4346940
Email: Send Mail


EnerPort - P2P Energy Trading

Electricity sector is transiting through a major infrastructural change where several new business models are being developed. EnerPort is an industry-led collaborative research project that will investigate new market models for peer to peer energy trading. This involves implementing blockchain technology with smart metering and designing and demonstrating of residential hardware and software platforms in the Power Electronics Research Centre laboratory in NUI Galway. It will develop a new software tool for the co-simulation of electricity distribution networks and blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading. This project also aims to address the key challenges around these hardware and software requirements and protocols, as well as issues around markets, regulations and policy.

Research Partners

Industry Partners

  • Systemlink
  • MSemicon
  • Verbatm

Academic Partners

  • IERC
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Insight Centre for Data Analytics